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Anita’s Dance Academy

Upper Hutt

Preschool Dance Classes | Adult Dance Lessons, Ballet Lessons, Ballroom Dancing Lessons, Contemporary Dance Lessons, Hip Hop Dance Lessons, Jazz Dance Lessons, Latin Dance Lessons, Line Dancing Lessons, Lyrical Dance Lessons, Modern Dance Lessons, Musical Theatre Lessons, Tap Dancing Lessons, Yoga Classes

  • Qualifications: Anita Perin-Zgomba - Principal of Anita's Dance Academy - Diploma in Vaganova style ballet from Moscow, Fellowship in Classical Ballet with the International Dance Teachers Association and
  • Pricing: We offer a two week free trial to try out the classes
  • Suitability: We have classes for all ages from three years through to adults. We are preschool dance specialists.

About Anita’s Dance Academy

Anita’s Dance Academy is in the heart of Upper Hutt and is renowned for the positive environment and high quality teaching. 

We are proud to be a high performing, professional dance school that has been the starting point for many teachers, and young adults who go on to pursue a career in dance both in NZ and internationally.

This dance studio is owned by Anita Perin-Zgomba who has vast experience as a teacher and as a dancer herself. Anita’s unique expertise and teaching focus produces well rounded dancers. Anita believes that dance benefits children and adults in many ways such as:

  • Physical development
  • Strength
  • Confidence
  • Fun and friendship
  • Coordination
  • Art of performance

Her love of teaching and developing children and young people has seen her provide many scholarships over the years for those in the community who may not otherwise be able to afford to dance.

She believes that every dancer has unique talents and skills, and is well known for her elaborate end of year shows and performances at charity and community events; always giving her dancers the opportunity to perform and shine on the stage where ever possible.

A class for every style

Anita’s Dance Academy offers biggest range of classes in the region for all ages, levels and passions. We have classes in ballet, jazz,  contemporary, hip hop, acrobatic dance, musical theatre, tap, commercial dance as well as fitness and social dancing for adults like salsa, line dancing, zumba, yoga, total barre, ballroom and Latin and much more  .

Class outlines

​Below outlines the classes offered at Anita’s Dance Academy.

Preschool classes
Ages 3-4. No previous training. Emphasis is on creative movement.

Pre primary classes
Age 5. Emphasize the joy of movement and basic technique. Basic ballet steps and creative movement

Primary classes
Age 6. Basic ballet technique with little or no prior training and basic jazz elements.

Ballet Grades 1 to 5 
Ages 7-11. Classical ballet technique IDTA, RAD & APDA.
From grade 3 twice weekly recommended.

Vocational ballet grades
Ages 12 and up. Advanced level technique with additional pointe work. Entrance by teacher’s approval.
3-4 years prior training. Three classes per week required.

Jazz Rosettes
Ages 5-7. Beginners  jazz. Emphasis on musicality.

Jazz 1-Pre Elementary
Ages 8 and up. Beginners to intermediate training. Emphasis on technique.

Vocational Jazz levels
Ages 12 and older. Advanced level technique. Entrance by teacher’s approval.

Tap classes
Ages 6  and up. Emphasis on rhythm and musicality.

Acrobatic Dance Classes
Junior and senior classes, a blend of gymnastics and dancing.  You don’t have to choose between the two anymore.

Contemporary Dance
A modern style of dance, expressive and artistic. Great style for creative dancers, gives them opportunity to express inner emotions.   

Hip Hop
Ages 7 and up. Classes with latest moves, Hip-hop dance is a vibrant form of dance that combines a variety of freestyle movements to create a cultural piece of art.

Adult classes 
Dance for adults has countless benefits and effectively promotes good health. We offer in our studios: line dancing, salsa, ballroom and Latin,  yoga, total barre, belly dance and very popular ZUMBA!

We offer a two week free trial for all our classes except for adult  classes because most of them are casual pay.  If you would like to trial some classes or have any questions please contact us.

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