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Lily Fong Ballet Academy

Lily Fong Ballet Academy


Ballet Lessons | Adult Dance Lessons, Contemporary Dance Lessons, Jazz Dance Lessons, Preschool Dance Classes, Tap Dancing Lessons

  • Suitability: 3 year olds to Adults. All levels from Preschool to Advanced.

About Lily Fong Ballet Academy

Our aim is to encourage this desire under caring and creative guidance, emphasizing the equal importance of correct technique and individual artistry.

Every class is prepared with thought and care, giving each student technical guidance, gently drawing out and nurturing artistic quality, with encouragement to grow as a complete artist, thereby enabling each to truly express his/her depth of feeling and love of dance.

Twinkle Toes – Pre-school Dance for Fun

Twinkle Toes gives our 3 to 5 year olds a happy introduction to dance in a caring and fun filled environment

  • Each child’s natural response to music is gently guided to explore and discover the love of music and movement that is in us all
  • Children are individuals.  All children are encouraged toward their potential at their own pace
  • By means of stories, games, nursery rhymes, movement and mime to music, classes are designed to encourage and foster co-ordination, musicality, rhythm, self-discipline, the ability to happily interact with others, confidence, a sense of achievement, and above all, the joy and love of dance
  • Children thus learn to express themselves through dance
  • Twinkle Toes aims to provide the best possible grounding for progress to the Grades, our next level of dance training


Children from the age of 4.5 are accepted into classical ballet training.  Classes are offered at all levels.  All students are prepared for examinations with entry encouraged yet optional.

Grades and Vocationals (Majors):

  • Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus
  • Ballet Australasia (BAL) syllabus


Children from the age of 5 years may enrol in Jazz classes.  All students are prepared for exams with entry optional.

Grades and Majors:

  • Ballet Australasia (BAL) syllabus
  • New Zealand Association of Modern Dance (NZAMD) syllabus


Students are prepared for exams with entry optional.


  • NZAMD syllabus

National Character

Students are prepared for exams with entry optional.

Grades and Majors:

  • BAL syllabus


Students are prepared for exams with entry optional.


  • BAL syllabus

Open and Theatre Classes

These classes are offered to students of Grade 3 up

Adult Classes

Adult classes in ballet, jazz, contemporary and national character are available for both beginners and those with experience

  • We welcome all ages
  • Each student receives sincere and careful guidance
  • Benefits derived are many, from the enhancement of correct posture, fitness, co-ordination and flexibility, to musicality and individual expression

Private Lessons

Private individual lessons are also available.


An annual stage production and prize giving is held in November/December.  All pupils are encouraged to participate
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